How big is Roatan ?

Roatan is approximately 30 miles long and between 1-6 miles wide. There is 1 main paved road that stretches from the West End to Oak Ridge in the East. Beyond that, a dirt road continues on to Port Royal.

What should we pack ?

Pack light and casual. The restaurants on the island are all very casual, and usually open-air. Make sure you bring your bathing suit, shorts, tee shirts, a polo type shirt for Golf or the better restaurants, plenty of sunscreen, dive gear and Scuba certification card if you’re planning to scuba dive. All the shops have rental gear if you’d prefer to leave yours at home. Bring your Passport (good for 6 months). Also, insect repellent is a good idea. There are several products that work well against our noseeums, including deet-based products. We recommend Avon’s Skin so soft combination sunscreen and bug repellent. On island, you can purchase an all-natural repellent (which is also a sunscreen) called Cactus Juice. It contains no deet but still works well. Bring a debit card and plan to use it whenever possible, keep in mind that many places can only take cash and you will usually get a better price paying in cash. Bring your medicines, and any foods for specific diatary needs.

What airlines fly to Roatan from the US ?

American, United, Delta, Avianca, TACA and Continental all offer flights from the US to Roatan. Check the airline websites for details. Any day of the week, Continental and American fly to San Pedro Sula direct from Houston and Miami respectively. You can then connect to the island via any one of several local airlines. TACA/Avianca also flies daily out of Los Angeles into San Salvador. On Saturday, there is a non-stop connecting flight to Roatan; other days of the week you can connect through San Pedro Sula.

Is there a ferry from the mainland ?

Yes, the Galaxy II, operated by Safeway Maritime, runs twice daily between Roatan and La Ceiba. Their current schedule is: Roatan-La Ceiba – 7AM and 2PM. La Ceiba-Roatan 9:30AM and 4:30PM. The trip takes approximately 2 hours each way.

Are there restaurants nearby ?

There are several very good restaurants just a short distance from either the Casa/Casita or the Condo. At the Casa/Casita, in Sandy Bay (to mention a few) you are very close to Bamboo (sushi) Tranquil Seas, Hostel, Blue Bahia, Salty Mango (great breakfast & lunches), The Blue Parrot. West End is about 5 minute drive, and there are several restaurants there to choose from. Our favorites include Sundowner’s, Argentinian Grill for steaks, Thai, Oasis and many othersl From the Condo, you are very close to Las Rocas, Bite on the Beach, Foster’s, Beachers, Bananarama, Argentinian Grill, Mayan Princess, Henry Morgan’s and many others.

Is there a dive shop nearby ?

Both West Bay and West End have several dive shops to choose from. If staying at the Casa/Casita, Octopus Dive School is highly recommended. They have great boats and very friendly staff as well as very reasonable rates. If staying at Condo Cervantes Bananarama is highly recommended as well as Anemona Divers, but you probably can’t go wrong. There are many great dive shops to choose from in West End as well.

What language is spoken on Roatan ?

English and Spanish are both spoken on Roatan. For native islanders of all backgrounds, an island version of English is their first language, but the majority speak Spanish as well. Some black islanders, known as the Garifuna, also retain the Garifuna language in addition to English and Spanish. Mainland Hondurans who have relocated to the islands over the last few decades speak primarily Spanish.

What kind of money is used on the island ?

The national currency of Honduras is called the lempira. The current exchange rate (as of March 2017) is approximately 23.5 lempira to 1 US dollar. Check before you travel for the current exchange rate. Also, in most places on the islands, as well as many places on the Honduran mainland, US dollars are accepted. Cash is always preferred, however visa and master card are also accepted at selected locations.

How do you get from the airport to the Casa Cervantes, Casita Cervantes & Condo Cervantes ?

When you arrive at the airport if you have chosen to have our airport transfers, we will have a driver waiting for you with your name on a sign. They will get your bags, take you to the property with a stop at the grocery store if you would like. Cost : Casa/Casita is $30 USD each way for up to 4 people. Condo is $40 USD each way for up to 6 people. Payable in cash when you arrive.

If you will be making your own way to the properties, please let us know and we will provide you with directions and an estimated time to meet our property managers to give you the keys and show you around.

What kind of transportation is available on the island ?

On Roatan, there are a multitude of car rental businesses, and even more taxis for hire. It is always best to negotiate the taxi price before getting into the taxi. There is also a water taxi between West End and West Bay. For those more budget-minded travelers, there are collectivo busses that travel the length of the island.

Where is the nearest market ?

There are 2 large (by island standards) grocery markets on Roatan. One is Elden’s, in Coxen Hole right behind the main gas station & Bojangles. The second Eldon’s is located in French Harbour. They probably have the best variety of groceries available anywhere on the island and you can now get just about anything there that you would need. Follow the main road to the cutoff for French Harbour, make a right, and pull into Eldon’s parking lot. There is a smaller corner market in West End called Woody’s. Follow the main road until the pavement ends. Make a right onto the dirt road; Woody’s is down a bit on your right just past Sundowner’s.

What should I wear while visiting the island ?

Roatan is strictly casual. Shorts and T-shirts and bathing suits are the norm just about anywhere you go. The temperature is warm all year round; generally in the mid 80’s Fahrenheit.

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